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As a Christian school teacher, I had a deep desire to teach Scripture to children sequentially and in a memorable way. My first idea was to gather together all the children’s songs about Bible stories and arrange them chronologically. When I had finished this task, I had only a small handful of songs.
     At that time, reasoning that the God who had enabled a donkey to speak could use me to write songs, I began to pray that He would use me to tell His story. I had virtually no knowledge of music or songwriting, but the donkey, after all, had not studied Hebrew, and so I began. When I prayed for help with music, arranging, and recording, Will Goldstein joined me in the project. I thank God for carrying me through.

In His Name,

Jeanne Brickman

 Published Works:

Volume 2 Old Testament Bible Heroes CD and musical play with sheet music - 2008
Volume 3 The King Is Here CD and musical play with sheet music - 2008
Volume 5 The King’s Highway Songbook - 2016

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