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     The King’s Court offers free sheet music as pdf songbook downloads in lead sheet format below without payment worldwide so that no one will be denied this music. Little is sold, so in order to support this ministry payment is requested from those who can afford it. 

The King’s Court 
Authors: Will Goldstein and/or Jeanne Brickman 
 Lyrics to songs for worship service singing can be obtained at CCLI via Song Select. 

Report Usage:
 If your church has a ccli account please report usage. CCLI #’s are posted on the lead sheet for each song in the songbooks. If your church does not have a ccli account please pay what you can afford or purchase print on demand books.  Reporting usage is the primary source of income for this ministry, and royalty percentage rates are low, so please report usage. 

Info on CCLI Usage Reports and Payout

Charitable Gift Requested: Please consider making a charitable gift to The King’s Court which is not a non-profit organization so donations are not a tax deduction. Your gifts however are gratefully accepted.
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Questions?:  Subject Line "download gift payment" So far monetary gifts of support have been received from 2 Pastors - each for $100. Thank you! 

Download Statistics: In 2018 there were over 5000 pdf downloads of the books below. 

Free Downloads below:

Volume 12 The Pure Light of Heaven     © 2019 The King’s Court

Volume 11 Christ, Our Sanctifier     © 2018 The King’s Court  

Volume 10 Christ, Our Healer     © 2018 The King’s Court

Volume 9 Parables     © 2018 The King’s Court

Volume 8 Songs of Our Savior    © 2018 The King’s Court

Volume 7 The Inner Journey    © 2018 The King’s Court

Volume 6 The Third Day    © 2017 The King’s Court

Volume 5 The King’s Highway   © 2016 The King’s Court

Volume 4 Deuteronomy   © 2016 The King’s Court

Volume 3 The King Is Here   © 2008 The King’s Court

Volume 2 Old Testament Bible Heroes  © 2008 The King’s Court

Volume 1 Christ, Our Savior Songbook  © 2000 The King’s Court

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