Will Goldstein & Guitar with Bio and Works

     The King’s Court offers Christian music that is based on the Bible and scriptural themes. It is financed, managed and run entirely by songwriter and solo artist Will Goldstein from Sebastopol, California who is a multi instrumentalist able to record many of his own parts as well as feature his orchestral arrangements. Songs by Jeanne Brickman and Will Goldstein together are also featured in our catalog.

     Simply put, “Scripture comes to life in the music of The King’s Court.”  

     The King’s Court catalog at ccli ccurrently has 305 songs as of 2018. However, The King’s Court still has approximately 900 songs that have been partially written or almost done with hundreds of these songs  now being organized into books to be released soon and be added to the CCLI catalog. 
     Twice annually CCLI sends out reports of usage worldwide. In the last few years there has been a great increase of usage and reports in churches worldwide. Praise God for the usage.

     The current list of countries where the music of The King’s Court has received reports of usage includes: US, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Korea, South Africa 

     Please consider buying singles, cd’s or donating to The King’s Court through paypal. Christian songwriting hains its blessings, but it is enormously time consuming with little financial reward and simply put, it is a free gift of my life as my reasonable service for Christ and His blessings in my life. 


Published Works: 

   Print On Demand CD’s & Digital Albums

     His Name Is Jesus 

     Old Testament Bible Heroes 

     The King Is Here


   Pdf Songbooks 
          ( free download - donation requested ) - If you feel so inclined to make an offering for the free books below, you can (but with no tax write off) through paypal to: sales@thekingscourt.com

    Volume 1 Christ, Our Savior Songbook - 2000

     Volume 2 Old Testament Bible Heroes  (Musical Play) - 2008

     Volume 3 The King Is Here  (Musical Play) - 2008

     Volume 4 Deuteronomy -  2016

     Volume 5 The King’s Highway  -  2016 

     Volume 6 The Third Day (An Opera in 7 Acts) - 2017

     Volume 7 The Inner Journey “A Cantata of Prayers, Meditations and Exaltations to The God of All Creation.” - 2018

     Volume 8 Songs of Our Savior - 2018

     Volume 9 Parables - 2018

     Volume 10 Christ, Our Healer - 2018

     Volume 11 Christ, Our Sanctifier - 2018

     Print On Demand Songbooks
              (only available for purchase at one of our online stores)

     Volume 1 Christ, Our Savior Songbook - 2000
          2 editions: 1) guiar, keyboard & bass edition    
                             2) piano vocal edition (only available 
for purchase) 
     Volume 1A His Name Is Jesus orchestral/vocal score with parts -
            first 12 songs from Christ, Our Savior Songbook 
            (only available for purchase) 

     Volume 1B Hosanna piano/vocal harmony edition - includes piano score and vocal harmony parts to songs 13-22 of Christ, Our Savior Songbook
(only available for purchase very soon)      

     Volume 2 Old Testament Bible Heroes  (Musical Play) - 2008

     Volume 3 The King Is Here  (Musical Play) - 2008

     Volume 4 Deuteronomy - 2016

     Volume 5 The King’s Highway  -  2016 

     Volume 6 The Third Day (An Opera in 7 Acts) -  2017

     Volume 7 The Inner Journey 
          “A Cantata of Prayers, Meditations and Exaltations to The God of All Creation” - 2018


Upcoming projects to be released

In the next 2 years or so another set of 250+ (1-5 below) songs and choral pieces that were written over many years but transferred from pencil to digital form as scores within the last several years will continue to be released. These include scripture based songs and choral pieces:
Below is an overview of the projects already near completion
1) a collection of songs mostly from The 4 Gospels entitled "Pure Light of Heaven” - estimated time of release mid January 2019
2) a collection of various seasonal choral pieces entitled “The Good Shepherd”
3) "Mass For The Saints" - Traditional Ordinary of the Mass for SATB  
     a) Lord Have Mercy 
     b) Glory To God In The Highest 
     c) Nicene Creed
     d) Holy, Holy, Holy, Hosanna 
     e) Holy, Holy, Holy & Benidictus 
     f) Lamb of God 
     g) Blessed Is He Who Comes In The Name Of The Lord
 4) A collection of Old Testament songs (Prophets of God Series) mostly from Isaiah.

4) a very long song cycle (over 200 songs) including scriptures from the Old and New Testament subdivided into 2 parts (12 sections)  pertaining to the Second Coming of Christ, and our future in Christ entitled 
"Be Ready! Christ, Our Coming King"

5) a collection of swing and blues gospel tunes from Acts - Jude, many of which address temptation, spiritual warfare and corruption in the world and in the church entitled “Shades Of Blue Light” and “Dark Shadows On The Kingdom”

Early stages:
6) Acts to Jude subdivided into books (early stages of scores)


Early stages – pencil only

7) Proverbs, hundreds of songs already done in pencil, will be released following completion of the entire New Testament 

8) Psalms - in the early stages of pencil scores (delayed while working on completion of other projects)

Current List of Books of the Bible from which Published & Unpublished works have been written 

All of the New Testament: 







1 Corinthians 

2 Corinthians 





1 Thessalonians 

2 Thessalonians 

1 Timothy 

2 Timothy 





1 Peter 

2 Peter 

1 John 

2 John 

3 John 



Old Testament works:




various Old Testament scriptures based on Biblical themes

Current pencil score Project: 
Psalms - estimated time to finish book - 2025)

Estimate of the number of Christian based scripture songs written: probably 1000 -1500
Web History: 1st published www.thekingscourt.com in 2000 - 18 years online. 

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